Horacio Aguirre-Villegas, Ph.D, Biological Systems Engineering, UW-Madison (2014)

Assistant Scientist

Program Affiliations

 Biological Systems Engineering

Education and Certificates

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biological Systems Engineering                                     

M.Sc., Universidad Ramón Llull, Industrial Management

B.S., Universidad Católica Boliviana, Industrial Engineering 

Fields of Interest

 Bio-energy, life cycle assessment, anaerobic digestion, waste management


 Aguirre-Villegas HA, Larson R, and Reinemann DJ. Effects of management and co-digestion on life cycle emissions and energy from anaerobic digestion. Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 5:603-621, DOI: 10.1002/ghg.1506

Aguirre-Villegas HA, Passos-Fonseca T, Reinemann DJ, Armentano L, Wattiaux M, Cabrera V, Norman J, and Larson R. Green cheese: Partial life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and energy intensity of integrated dairy production and bioenergy systems. Journal of Dairy Science, 98:1571-1592, http://dx.doi.org/ 10.3168/jds.2014-8850

Aguirre-Villegas HA, Larson R, and Reinemann DJ, 2014, From waste-to-worth: Energy, emissions, and nutrient implications of manure processing pathways, Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, 8:770-793, DOI: 10.1002/bbb

Aguirre-Villegas HA, Milani FX, Kraatz S, Reinemann DJ, 2012, Life cycle impact assessment and allocation methods development for cheese and whey processing, Transactions of the ASABE, 55(2):613-627

Aguirre-Villegas HA and Benson C. 2015. Sustainability assessment of coal mining, processing, and distribution PT Adaro Energy Tbk. Sustainability Report No. OS-15-01

Aguirre-Villegas HA and Larson R, 2013, From waste-to-energy: Life-cycle assessment of anaerobic digestion systems, Waste to Worth: Spreading Science and Solutions Proceedings, Cooperative Extension

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Reinemann DJ, Passos-Fonseca T, Aguirre-Villegas HA, 2011, Green Cheese: Energy Intensity and Environmental Impact of integrated Dairy and Bio-Energy Systems in Wisconsin, Toolkit, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Passos-Fonseca T, Aguirre-Villegas HA, Reinemann DJ, Armentano LE, Cabrera V, and Norman J., 2010, Green cheese: LCA of energy intensity and GHG emissions of integrated dairy/bio-fuels systems in Wisconsin, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (Technical Paper 1008719)

Expertise Summary

Dr. Aguirre-Villegas research interests lie at the intersection of bio-energy, climate change, waste management and agricultural systems. In particular he focuses on evaluating the sustainability of agricultural and food production systems and their integration with bio-energy systems using life cycle assessment (LCA) tools to pinpoint areas of improvement. Some of his current research projects include the Sustainable Dairy Project (Dairy CAP), awarded by the USDA-NIFA where he is part of the LCA and extension teams with the objective of conducting targeted research, education, and extension in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation in dairy production. In addition, he has installed small scale anaerobic digestion systems to produce biogas for cooking and electricity generation in Pando, Bolivia.