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What are the rules for the competition?
The rules are set by ASABE, and can be found here.

How fast do the tractors go?
The tractors move anywhere from about 2-7 miles per hour. They are geared for pulling, not speed.

How big is the engine?
All teams are required to use a 16 horsepower engine donated by Briggs and Stratton.

What do you change on the engine?
The engine cannot be modified in any way other than the exhaust system. This helps to level the playing field for all teams.

What type of fuel do the tractors use?
All tractors use standard 87 octane gasoline at the competition.

How much does the tractor weigh?
The unballasted weight must be under 850 pounds, however the tractors compete at various weight classes using ballast.

How much does the tractor pull?
The tractors pull a progressive resistance sled, and are measured relative to one another. The actual force the tractor pulls with is not measured.

Who designs and builds the tractor?
The tractors are entirely student designed and built.

Who drives the tractors during the competition?
Students on the team drive the tractors, generally the team leaders.

What type of tires are used for pulling?
All teams are required to use 23x12.00 inch, ag tread, tires donated by Firestone.

Is this project an academic class at the UW?
No, this is an extra-curricular activity, but the design team members get academic credit for their senior design project.