Introduction to Integral Ecology

You can take the course as a 1 credit seminar in which we will meet weekly to read and discuss the recently published book “Integral Ecology”. You can take the course for 3 credits if you would like to do a project (I suggest something related to your Thesis) using the tools of integral ecological anaysis.

Integral Ecology unites

  • The science of ecology, The True (Environmental Sciences)
  • The morals of ecology, The Good (Environmental Ethics)
  • The art of ecology, The Beautiful (Environmental Aesthetics)

at multiple levels of complexity…with practical examples!!!The “Integral” in Integral Ecology is an integral map of our inner and outer experiences at the individual and collective levels using the AQAL model developed by philosopher Ken Wilber.

In this seminar we will examine complex interaction between the internal and external realities of individual and societal values and actions and how knowledge of these can be applied to challenges of our relationship with the earth and with each other.

    We will meet for one 50-minute lecture hour each week at a time to be chosen by doodle poll. If you would like more information about the course please send me an Doug Reinemann