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produce boxes stacked on  cart
A pallet system for small spaces

strap-on field stool in use strap-on field stool
A strap-on stool for field work

hands-free washer
Build a hands-free washer for produce

rolling dibble trum
Build your own dibble drum for marking transplant spacing

mesh bags in use
Mesh produce bags for easy batch processing

motorized lay-down work cart two person motorized lay-down work cart
Motorized lay-down work cart designed for comfort, efficiency

narrow aisle platform truck
Narrow-aisle platform truck works well for tight spaces

non-motorized field cart in use non-motorized field cart in use field cart assembly
Non-motorized field cart can save time and energy

packing area assembly line
Packing area tips to save time and money

stacked standard containers
Standard containers save time and storage space

streamlined sales area
Streamline your sales area

hoophouse exterior hoophouse interior
Stretch out your season with hoophouses

long handled and short handled  hoes stirrup, collinear, and diamond hoe T handle of the long-handled diamond hoe
Try a long-handled diamond hoe for weeding

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