James O. Peterson,

Emeritus Professor: Water Quality

Former Director, UW Environmental Resources Center

445 Henry Mall
Room 317
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (608) 238-6555
Fax: (608) 262-2031
E-mail: jopeters@wisc.edu

Program Affiliations


  • Water quality
  • Groundwater
  • Drinking water supply
  • Domestic wastewater management

Fields of Interest

  • Groundwater
  • Water supply
  • Onsite waste disposal


  • Guest lectures on groundwater and drinking water quality


  • Shaw, B.H. and J.O. Peterson (1986) “Improving Your Drinking Water Quality.” University Extension, Madison, WI UWEX-CES Bulletin G-3378, 7 pp.
  • Peterson, J.O., J.C. Converse and E.J. Tyler (1991) “Improving Household Wastewater Treatment” UWEX-CES Bulletin G-3536-6F, 12 pp. Part of bulletin packet “Farm*A*Syst–Farmstead Assessment System”.
  • Ziebarth, A., J. Merrill, and J.O. Peterson (1993) “Care and Maintenance of Residential Septic Systems” UWEX-CES Bulletin B-3583. (Rev. 1998)
  • Jones, S.A. and J.O. Peterson (1998) “Assessing the Risk of Groundwater Contamination from Drinking Water Well Condition” UWEX-CES Bulletin G-3536-1W, Part of bulletin packet “Farm*A*Syst–Farmstead Assessment System”.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • UW Extension Award for Excellence, 1992
  • WI Onsite Waste Disposal Association Outstanding Achievement Award, 1996
  • IL and WI Groundwater Association’s Groundwater Science Achievement Award, 1997