Matthew F. Digman, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (2009)

BSE: Adjunct Assistant Professor; UW Falls: Assistant Professor

Agricultural Engineering Annex
University of Wisconsin - River Falls 
410 S. 3rd Street River Falls, WI 54022 
Tel: (715) 425-3985 

Education and Certificates

  • B.S. - Milwaukee School of Engineering (2003)
  • M.S. -University of Wisconsin (2006)
  • Ph.D.- University of Wisconsin (2009)

Fields of Interest


  • Application of sensors to predict chemical and physical properties of herbaceous biomass
  • Wet fractionation of herbaceous biomass
  • Machinery utilization



 BSE 365, Measurements and Instrumentation for Biological Systems


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Engineering Practice

Research Agricultural Engineer – Kuhn North America
Research Agricultural Engineer – Dairy Forage Research Center
Design Engineer – Kuhn North America