Brian Luck, PhD

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

Agricultural Engineering Building
Room 232D
460 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (608) 890-1861
Fax: (608) 262-1228
Twitter: @BLuck_BSE_UW

Program Affiliations

Biological Systems Engineering

UW Extension

Education and Certificates

Ph.D. 2013 – Biological Engineering, Mississippi State Universtiy
M. S. 2009 – Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky
B. S. 2005 – Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky 

Fields of Interest

Machine management
variable rate technology
agricultural “big data” management
remote sensing 


  •  J. L. Purswell, S. L. Branton, B. D. Luck, J. D. Davis. 2013. Effects of air velocity on laying hen production from 24 to 27 weeks under simulated evaporatively cooled conditions. Transactions of the ASABE Vol 56(6): 1503-1508.
  • J. D. Luck, S. A. Shearer, B. D. Luck, F. A. Payne. 2012. Evaluation of a Rhodamine-WT Dye/Glycerin Mixture as a Tracer for Testing Direct Injection Systems for Agricultural Sprayers. Applied Engineering in Agriculture Vol. 28(5): 643-646.
  • J. L. Purswell, J. D. Davis, B. D. Luck, E. J. Kim, H. A. Olanrewaju, A. S. Kiess, S. L. Branton. 2011. Effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentrations on broiler chicken performance from 28 to 49 days. International Journal of Poultry Science Vol. 10(8): 597-602.
  • J. D. Luck, R. S. Zandonadi, B. D. Luck, and S. A. Shearer. 2010. Reducing Pesticide Over-Application with Map-Based Automatic Boom Section Control on Agricultural Sprayers. Transactions of the ASABE Vol. 53(3): 685-690.

Selected Awards and Honors

Alpha Epsilon, Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineering Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Delta, Agricultural Honor Society