Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Food and bioprocess engineers develop and manage equipment and systems that process and distribute food and other biologically based materials. They are required by the food industry to help develop processes that add value to food products. These processing technologies are designed to improve the storage life and marketability of food products, reduce their transportation costs, handle processing wastes, and develop alternative uses for biological materials. (For example, newspaper and soy flour are used to make the construction material, EnvironTM, and corn stalks can be used to make chemical absorbent pads.)

Where might I work?

Examples of positions that recent Food and Bioprocess Engineering graduates have taken include:

  • Process Development Engineer - M&M/Mars
  • Process Scientist Engineer - Pillsbury Technology Center
  • Manufacturing Engineer - Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation

What is a typical starting salary?

  • Typical starting salaries vary from $55,000 to $70,000.

The food industry makes up one of the largest segments of our nation’s economy and continues to enjoy steady growth due to the ever-changing needs of consumers and increased awareness of nutritional and environmental issues. Food and bioprocess engineers play a vital role in meeting this need. From potato chips to microwavable entrees, food and bioprocess engineers continue to develop processes to convert raw materials from the farm to food products for the dining room table.

Food and Bioprocess Engineering

General Studies 20- 23 Credits

Social Sciences
Ethnic Studies
International Studies
Oral and Written Communication

Basic Sciences 45- 48 Credits

Biological Science
Food Science

Engineering Sciences 18 Credits

Transport Phenomena
Momentum and Heat Transport Operation
Engineering Economics
Material Properties

Food and Bioprocess Engineering 36- 42 Credits

Food Engineering Operations
Process Synthesis
Design Capstone
Technical Electives

Minimum Requirements for Bachelor of Science Degree 128 Credits