General Program Option



The General Program Option is for those students who are interested in a combination of the other BSE specialization areas, and/or are interested in a specialization area outside of the options offered. Examples of others specialization areas include aquaculture engineering, forest engineering, and biomaterials engineering. Although the Food and Bioprocess Engineering specialization provides an ideal curriculum for students interested in biofuels processing, some students interested in related areas of bioenergy production may elect the General Program option. Unlike students enrolled in the identified specialization areas, students enrolled in the General Program option must have their “planned course of study” approved by the BSE Department’s Undergraduate Instruction and Program Committee (UIPC). The primary objective of this review is to check that the planned course of study meets the requirements of the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,  A secondary objective of the UIPC review is to recommend any adjustments that could provide for a more cohesive and/or scholarly plan of study.



Students who complete the requirements of one of the offered specialization areas will have that area of specialization identified on their official transcript. There is no such identification on the transcript of a student enrolled in the General Program option.