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How to get started – Undergraduate Studies

Entry to this professional program requires students to meet the five admission requirements detailed below. Students are admitted to the department as pre-Biological Systems Engineering until they meet the admission criteria. Admission eligibility must be confirmed by the department.

  1. Must complete a minimum of 24 degree credits.
  2. Must have completed a minimum of 17 credits of calculus, statistics, chemistry, computer science, statics, biology, and physics courses required for a BSE degree.
  3. Must have a BSE math and science grade point average (M&SGPA) of at least 2.80 with a minimum grade of C in every course used to calculate the M&SGPA. The M&SGPA is based on: math courses numbered 217 and above; statistics courses numbered 224 and above; all chemistry courses; all biology courses (courses with biological science breadth); computer sciences courses numbered 302 and above; E M A 201 Statics; and physics courses numbered 201 and above. For any course that a student repeats, only the most recent grade will be used in the calculation. Any transfer course from another university that is included in the previous list must be included in the GPA calculation. To calculate the M&SGPA, see Applications and Forms on the BSE website.
  4. Must be in good academic standing—i.e., not on academic probation or dropped.
  5. Must successfully complete introductory chemistry (CHEM 103 & CHEM 104, or CHEM 109, or equivalent) and math through MATH 222.

Contact Betsy Wood to get started in Biological Systems Engineering

Betsy Wood, Associate Student Services Coordinator
115 Agricultural Engineering Building