University of Wisconsin–Madison


Biological Systems Engineering research looks to improve environmentally sustainable methods of producing the food, materials, and energy from our natural environment.  Some of our specialty areas include:

  • Engineering solutions for precision agriculture, processing technology and logistics for crop production; energy utilization and efficiency; dairy facilities operations and milking technologies; machine and remote sensing and the related agricultural data management systems to help producers be more productive while having lower environmental impact.
  • Research enhancing the quality of rural and natural environments including water quantity and quality and waste mitigation and utilization; surface water contamination and runoff both in rural and urban environments; management and utilization of manure and other bio-wastes in ways to effectively recycle valuable nutrients and capture carbon as a soil amendment or in methane production.
  • Engineering solutions for sustainable food production systems, food safety and security. Work in this area encompasses work including milking systems, food safety measured through bio-sensors and nanotechnology, development of low-cost storage and processing techniques for small scale agriculture and specialty crops.

Refer to the department’s Annual Summaries to read more details on our research programs.