Degree Accreditation (ABET)

Biological systems engineers design, manage, and develop systems and equipment that produce, package, process, and distribute the world’s food and fiber supplies. Biological Systems Engineering is a discipline based on engineering principles with emphasis on the production and processing of food, fibers, and materials of biological origin. The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

UW’s Biological Systems Engineering courses, curricula, and faculty meet the standards set for professional engineering programs at universities throughout the United States.The Biological Systems Engineering program at UW provides a broad based education, preparing students for the variety of applications that involve biological systems. While breadth is a part of the experience here, students have the opportunity to develop specialization in a number of areas. These different emphases are described below.


Program Education Objectives (PEOs) and Student Outcomes (SOs)

Biological Systems Engineering Enrollment and Degrees Granted