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Shop Information

Design and Fabrication Services


The BSE Shop provides one-on-one design consultation to school faculty and staff. This process gives the client an opportunity to present the design idea and ask questions they may have. Additionally, it aids the shop staff in understanding the desired project outcome and scope, as well as to address questions that the machinists may have for the client regarding their preferences on the design.

An initial 30 minute design consultation has a small fee of $10.


The BSE Shop can provide CAD models of the components and assembly design if desired to help communicate with the client what the final assembly design will look like prior to fabrication. This step allows the client to give feedback to the shop before parts are purchased or fabricated which can lead to significant savings if/when changes are desired.

A rate of $62 per hour is charged during the design process.


The BSE Shop has the capability to work with most metals and types of wood. We have a full array of machines and tools that can be seen on the Shop Capabilities page.

From wood work and lathe turning to sheet metal shearing and forming, we can do it. Schedule a design consultation to see how the BSE Shop can best serve you.

A rate of $62 per hour plus material costs is charged for fabrication.