Undergraduate Studies


Students are assigned an academic advisor when they enter this department. Your advisor will counsel you on the academic requirements of the major and serve as a resource to answer other academic concerns. There are many sources of assistance on campus for both academic and personal concerns, and your advisor can assist you in locating needed assistance and help you in developing your career goals and objectives. It is your responsibility to seek out your advisor.

Student are required to see their advisor each semester before registering for the next semester. A hold is placed on students’ records, and they are not able to register until their course schedule has been approved by their advisor. After their advisor sends their approval to the BSE student coordinator, the hold will be released. Please allow 24 hours for the hold to be released, and holds will not be released on weekends and holidays. If you have seen your advisor but are still unable to register, check to see which semester the hold is for, and who it was placed by, as it may not be from BSE.

Contact Betsy Wood, the student services coordinator at betsy.wood@wisc.edu or (608) 262-3310 if you have questions. It is important that you check your UW email account regularly, as much of the information you will be receiving from the Department, the College, and the Registrar’s Office is transmitted via email.

The Biological Systems Engineering Department is committed to providing an inclusive and stimulating education for all students. Please inform the Department Chair, Anita Thompson immediately of any barriers that create problems or limitations in the educational opportunities for you or other students in the department.

For further information, please contact:

Betsy Wood

Student Services Coordinator

Rob Anex

Chair – Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Anita Thompson

Department Chair