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Hello from the Biological Systems Engineering department or Ag Engineering as many still remember the department. We are wrapping up our fall 2021 semester which saw campus start to get back to normal. Classes were held in person, student organizations started meeting again on campus, and career fairs were in full swing. There are still masks requirements, and too many videoconferences for meetings and student interviews, but all in all, things are starting to feel more normal again, which allows a bit of reflection and gratitude. Through this pandemic there has been amazing support from alumni and friends of the department. Although most needed to hunker down during the pandemic, many still found time to help our students and program. We have received generous contributions to support the program, start new scholarships, and a professorship. Alumni have met with the students through ASABE to provide words of wisdom about being an engineer beyond what any professor could convey in a classroom. This support has meant the world to our program and allows us to continue momentum for our future – which I hope is evident in this newsletter through our new hires, scholarships, student activities and research. I am excited by what 2022 will bring and am thankful for your support to our program.

Troy Runge
Patrick Walsh & Noreen Warren Professor of Biological Systems Engineering
Chair – Biological Systems Engineering

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A huge thank-you to all the donors who have supported the department this year.