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I hope that this letter finds you and yours safe and doing well. 2020 has certainly been a year that wishing each other well has meant more.
When I started writing this note for the newsletter, we had just started the Fall 2020 semester. We were teaching some classes in person; students were back on campus (albeit in masks). It felt like things were starting to return to normal. But this is 2020 – a year with many challenges. After one week, there was a surge in student COVID cases, and the campus is back to distance for at least two weeks.
Although this highlights a bit of the challenges on campus, in no way do I want to suggest we are not doing well. The faculty, staff, and students have created amazing new ways to safely continue the education, research, and outreach missions of the department. Wisconsin state’s motto of “Forward” can truly be seen at work.

Our student numbers, job placements, research productivity, and outreach events have all continued to be strong. Much of this can be attributed to the support of our alumni who have continued to recruit our students for jobs, partnered with our faculty in research, and donated to the department to support scholarships and programs. Thank you for this support & “On, Wisconsin.”

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A huge thank-you to all the donors who have supported the department this year.