Milking Machines: The First 100 Years, from Buckets to Robot by Doug Reinemann

On July 18, BSE Professor and CALS Associate Dean Doug Reinemann gave a presentation at Wednesday Nite at the Lab (WN@TL) at the UW Biotechnology Center. He provided a brief history of the development of milking technology with an in-depth discussion of the state-of-the-art in robotic milking. Robotic milking began to be adopted commercial farms in 1990 in Europe and 2000 in the UW as the result of a long trajectory of technological development. Robotic milking technology has been adopted by hundreds of family farms in Wisconsin and thousands of family farms around the world. He gave an in-depth description and discussion of how robotic milking farms are organized and operated and its attraction to family farms. Doug brought out his crystal ball and presented some development scenarios that may expand the adoption of robotic milking on larger farms.

The full event description is located here.