Ferencz S. Denes

Position title: Emeritus Professor: Food Safety

Email: denes@engr.wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 265-8266 or (608) 262-0605

Agricultural Engineering Building
460 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

Center for Plasma-Aided Manufacturing
101 Engineering Building
1410 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Ferencz Denes Headshot

Program Affiliations

  • Material Science Program
  • Food Science (Department of Food Science-UW)
  • Food Safety (Food Research Institute-UW)

Education and Certificates

  • B.S. 1965 – “Gh. Asachi” Polytechnical Institute, Jassy, Romania
  • Ph.D. 1972 – “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Jassy, Romania
  • Post Doc. Training 1974 – Institute for Molecular and Cellular Evolution, University of Miami-Florida

Fields of Interest

  • Plasma-enhanced synthesis and surface modification of materials
  • Immobilization of active biomolecules onto plasma-functionalized surfaces
  • Deposition of anti-fouling and anti-microbial surface layers
  • Plasma-enhanced synthesis of nanoparticle systems
  • Development of novel non-equilibrium plasma tools


  • BSE – 875: Non-Conventional Modification of Macromolecular Material Surfaces
    • This graduate level course covers topics of plasma chemistry, plasma diagnostics, bond energies, plasma-enhanced reaction mechanisms, polymer-synthesis and characteristics, plasma-enhanced surface modification of inorganic and organic macromolecular surfaces, mechanical energy-, UV radiation- and ultra sound-enhanced surface modification reactions, and characterization of modified polymer surfaces. Applications for the generation of anti-fouling thin layers on various material surfaces, synthesis of surfaces that kill bacteria on contact, immobilization of active biomolecules onto plasma-functionalized surfaces, including enzymes and DNA, and synthesis of nanoparticle systems under cold plasma environments are discussed. Emerging novel atmospheric plasma tools with potential application in surface-modification processes are also presented.


Papers Published In, or Accepted by, Referred Journals

  • S. Manolache, V. Shamamian and F. Denes, DMP Plasma-Enhanced Decontamination of Water of Aromatic Compounds, Journal of Environmental Engineering (submitted September 20, 2001; accepted 2002 – EE/2001/022956).
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Papers That Have Been Submitted to Referred Journals

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  • F. S. Denes and S. Manolache, Atmospheric-pressure Plasma in Gas/Vapor Bubbles Dispersed in Dielectric Liquid Media, (to be submitted).

Patent and Patent Disclosures Issued

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Books or Conference Proceedings Edited: Invited Papers in Conference Proceedings and Invited Chapters in Books

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Expertise Summary

Research Directions of the Candidate’s Group

  • General Plasma Chemistry
  • Synthesis of nano-particle- and hybrid nano-particle systems under Dense Medium Plasma (DMP) conditions
  • Fundamental studies of DMP plasma-induced reaction mechanisms (Decontamination of potable, bilge and gray water -Navy-ship applications
  • Atmospheric pressure, non-equilibrium plasma modification of Otto and Diesel gasoline composition
  • Investigation of low- and atmospheric pressures-induced reaction mechanisms; simulation of molecular fragmentation and recombination
  • Plasma-enhanced conversion of thin layer, liquid-phase high molecular weight polymers into 3D solid-state networks
  • Research Directly Related to Food Safety Issues
  • Plasma-enhanced deposition of antifouling macromolecular layers and colloidal Silver Particles on material surfaces usually involved in food processing technologies
  • Plasma-mediated generation of surfaces that kill bacteria on contact
  • Array Electrode Reactor Plasma Disinfection of surfaces that are in Contact with Ready to Eat Meat Products
  • Disinfection and Decontamination of Water Using Dense Medium Plasma Technologies
  • Immobilization of active biomolecules (e.g. enzymes) on plasma-functionalized organic and inorganic substrate surfaces for the design and development of biosensors with applications in food processing industries
  • Design and development of novel atmospheric pressure plasma installations for an efficient disinfection and decontamination of material surfaces, water and air (AER, Flat, Bubble, Capillary plasma reactors)
  • Synthesis of electrically conductive organic polymeric thin layers for the development of electric signals-based transducers for biosensor applications
  • Synthesis of Teflon-like surfaces on various polymer surfaces with potential application in Food-packaging Technologies
  • Deposition of Hard-carbon (Diamond-like) Thin Layers Under Low- and Atmospheric-pressure Non-equilibrium Plasma Environments
  • Synthesis of Sole and Hybrid Nanoparticle Systems, Including Magnetic Nanoparticle Systems, Using DMP Technologies with Applications in Catalysis and Localized Targeted Drug-delivery techniques