Joao Dorea

Position title: Assistant Professor


Animal Science Building
Room 438
1675 Observatory Drive, WI 53706

Headshot of Joao


Program Affiliations

Animal and Dairy Sciences
Biological Systems Engineering

Education and Certificates

M.S. 2010 – Animal Science, University of Sao Paulo
Ph.D. 2014 – Animal Science, University of Sao Paulo
Research Associate 2016-2019: Animal and Dairy Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fields of Interest

  • High-throughput animal phenotyping
  • Computer vision systems for livestock
  • Infrared spectroscopy (NIR and MIR)
  • Machine learning for high-dimensional image data
  • Multimodal sensor systems


DY SCI 375 – Introduction to Digital Agriculture (3 credits, Fall)

Course Description: This three-credit course will focus on key concepts and applications of sensor technology and data analyses applied to livestock, environment, and crop production. In this course the students will (1) understand what precision agriculture is and why it is needed;(2) become familiar with data science principles; (3) learn the current remote sensing technologies in livestock and agricultural systems; (4) understand the principles and applications of sensor technology applied to animals, crop and environment; (5) become familiar with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software; (6) gain a basic understanding of principles and applications of data analyses; (7) become familiar with cloud computing and data visualization; and (8) apply precision agriculture to a real situation.

Requirements: Prior coursework in MATH 112 and MATH 113 (or equivalent) and one Stats course (for example: STAT 301, STAT 371, or STAT 571)


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