Sonali Mohapatra

Position title: Research Associate


Website: Sonali Mohapatra's website

Phone: (608) 571-9018

1701 university avenue
Enzyme Institute
Madison, WI 53703

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Program Affiliations


Education and Certificates

  • B. Tech – 2008-Industrial Biotechnology-Dr. M.G.R University, India
  • M. Tech- 2011-Industrial Biotechnology-Dr. M.G.R University, India
  • Ph.D. – 2021-Bioprocess Engg. (Fermentation technology)- BPUT, India

Fields of Interest

  • Microbial genetics for production of prebiotics
  • Production of value added products from fermented grass biomass.
  • Bioethanol production from starchy and lignocellulosic materials.
  • Metabolomics for development of industrial strains in bioethanol production
  • Production of hydrocarbons from lignocellulosic biomass.


Awards and Honors