Mallika Nocco

Position title: Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Agrohydrology

Pronouns: she/her


Website: Mallika Nocco's website

232D Agricultural Engineering Building
460 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

Program Affiliations

  • Biological Systems Engineering

Education and Certificates

  • B.A. 2004, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature & Philosophy, University of Minnesota
  • M.S. 2012, Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D. 2017, Environment and Resources, University of Wisconsin

Fields of Interest

  • Agrohydrology, soil-plant-water relations, irrigation management, recharge, soil and water conservation


*equal contribution, #advisee or mentee

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Awards and Honors

  • 2024 Science Communication Identities Project Fellowship, Metcalf Institute & Knight Center for Environmental Journalism
  • 2023 Conservation Innovation Award. Awarded by the Soil and Water Conservation Society for the Water Talk Podcast Extension Program
  • 2022 Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students. Awarded by the University of California, Davis Graduate Student Association
  • 2017 David H. Smith Conservation Research Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 2016 Best Student Oral Presentation. American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting. Awarded by the Evapotranspiration Measurement and Modeling Community.
  • 2016 Second Place, Scholarly Poster Competition. American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting. Awarded by the Precision Agriculture Community.
  • 2015 First Place, Scholarly Poster and Lightning Oral Competition. Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting. Awarded by the Soil Physics and Hydrology Community
  • 2016 Wisconsin Potato Industry Board Distinguished Graduate Fellow. Department of Agronomy. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2014 United States Environmental Protection Agency Science to Achieve Results (EPA STAR) Graduate Fellow
  • 2013 Smith Family Distinguished Graduate Fellow. Department of Agronomy. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2008 Regional Sales Performance Award. Urology and Respiratory Division. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Midwestern Division
  • 2007 ‘Get After It’ Market Share Performance Award. Urology and Respiratory Division. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Midwestern Division.
  • 2005 Regional Sales Performance Award. Urology and Respiratory Division. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Midwestern Division.

Expertise Summary

  • Evapotranspiration; regenerative agriculture & water; deficit irrigation; drought resilience; managed aquifer recharge; precision agriculture; transpiration & distribution uniformity; soil-plant-water relations; feedbacks between irrigation and climate; aerial remote sensing; soil and water conservation; soil health; agrohydrology; science communication and extension